Anna Lacey

First Impressions

The site is called Anna Lacey in HD so it`s weird that the tour looks so low resolution. The images are actually a little bit grainy, like they were over optimized so it would load quickly. I understand that but it seems like a mistake when you`re trying to give off the impression of being a super high quality site. There is a very sexy preview video that includes several shots of her getting fucked in the ass so I`m willing to give it a shot nonetheless. You don`t find many of these sexy solo chicks willing to take it up the ass. It should be a good time.

Hot Promises

Obviously the thing they`re promoting hardest is that Anna does content in high definition. The hardcore aspect of the site is pushed pretty hard too. She`s a cock slut that likes it up the butt and in the mouth and she`s getting it in every hole in the member`s area if the preview pictures and videos are to be believed. You can enjoy a couple of samples and on the second page of the tour she talks about her live webcam shows. It seems like getting to see her on a weekly basis and getting to chat with her would be a really good time.


Anna Lacey has loaded down her member`s main page with the latest updates, news and a whole bunch of advertisements. You might be better off just skipping all of that stuff and going right to the picture or video page, depending on what turns you on the most. I got my adventure started in the photo sets and was pleased to find plenty of hardcore humping. The full size pictures are 1000px and on an HD site they really should be better looking. I guess that dedication to quality doesn`t extend to the photo sets. The fact that they make you click on the thumbnail and then click on another link to get the full size picture is also really annoying. Why not just pop open a new window with the full size picture from the thumbnail page? Why do I have to click twice?

There are some frustrations when browsing the picture content but there`s also a whole mess of good stuff to look through so they can be overlooked. The last update was over six months ago so we can assume that Anna Lacey will not be adding anything fresh. There are 33 picture galleries and they show her doing a variety of naughty and pleasurable activities for the enjoyment of her fans. The very first photo set I checked out showed this hot babe sucking and fucking a turgid rod. It set the tone for a site that would be largely about sexual pleasure for the young slut. She craves cocks and dildos and she gets them in bulk.

The pictures are crystal clear and the lighting is always good so even if they make it a pain to get through the galleries they certainly look good. In addition to the hardcore sex with guys Anna does plenty of naughty stuff on her own. There`s a really hot solo gallery where she`s wearing a red satin dress and holding an empty beer bottle. She has plans for that bottle and they involve stuffing it in her pussy so she can feel the pleasure of being full and so you can enjoy the naughty vision of a slut stuffing her own hole. Anna Lacey is all about making her fans happy and you just have to get aboard the pleasure train to enjoy the ride she wants to take you on.

Anna does lesbian picture sets too with some of her sexy Russian friends (she`s from Russia, in case you didn`t know). The girls always do a little bit of kissing before they get to the real hot and heavy stuff and they`re not shy about pleasuring each other in ways that will amaze you. Seeing their tongues lick pussy and asshole and watching them stuff hot holes with dildos is always going to be awesome. I like the lesbian rimming the best though. There`s something wonderfully dirty and exciting about seeing a hot girl lick another hot girl`s asshole.

You`re probably wondering about the high definition videos of the lovely Anna Lacey though, aren`t you? There are 33 of those too, although they`re not related to the photo sets. The movies play at a lovely looking 1280x720 and if you want to get them faster you can choose one of the lower quality versions. There`s a streaming clip too but obviously it pales in comparison to the really good stuff. Based on the tour I would have thought there would be a whole lot more hardcore fucking in the video section but it`s actually pretty minimal. It seemed like Anna was an anal queen but most of the sex is limited to her and her dildos.

By my count there are two hardcore videos and in both of them Anna fucks like a hot porn princess. She is a goddess of erotica and her body is a playground that all men are meant to enjoy. You can watch her ride cock and enjoy the pleasure that she gets from it. If you want even more eroticism then you can check out the lesbian videos. It`s one thing to see the girls kissing and fondling in a picture but it`s something else entirely to see them working each other`s hot bodies in high definition. I love how wet Anna`s pussy gets and how she`s able to take a big dildo deep inside. She moans really loudly and lustily too. I always love it when a girl puts in a good, sexy performance for her fans.

Anna keeps a blog and she updates it every 3-4 days. It strikes me as odd because she`s clearly not doing any new content. I can`t help but wonder if she`s actually writing the blog or if they have someone else doing it in her stead because she`s moved on to something else. There`s a lot of writing though and some of it is pretty heady stuff; she`s not just talking about her stuffed animals and what she had for dinner. You can get to know her though the blog posts and you`ll probably enjoy the information that comes to light. Extras are limited to three wallpapers you can use to decorate your desktop.

Croco’s Opinion

Anna Lacey in HD is a good site that falls short of great simply because there isn`t enough content. Anna is young and hot with small tits, a tight waist and a great ass. She`s exceptionally pretty and super lusty. She doesn`t fuck as much as the tour would have you believe but she will get deep dicked on her site. The videos look amazing in high definition and they download pretty quick thanks to speedy servers. The hot Russian chick is almost guaranteed to entertain you because she`s super hot but there are no updates so at some point in the near future you`ll run out of content. It`s still worth a look though because she`s just very sexy.


Browsing the picture galleries is frustrating because they require two clicks to get to the full size images instead of one. I could do without that. Everything else is fine.

Pricing Policy

A 1 day trial costs $1; 30 days costs $29.95; 90 days costs $59.95 and 180 days costs $79.95.

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